Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am a Chicken. Not the kind with feathers. Not the "scaredy cat" kind. The Nanty kind. Not to be confused with the Banty kind. I guess I'm actually not "a" Chicken. I am "the" Chicken...and to a couple of sweet little boys, I am Nanty Chicken.

How did I get the nickname Chicken, you might wonder? Many, many (many) years ago, my sister (DeathMetalMommy) and I were watching "The Cosby Show." (To show how long ago it was, these were Thursday night, first run episodes!) On one particular episode, Rudy was talking to her dear friend Bud (aka Kenny)...they got into a name calling dispute and Rudy called Kenny a "Chicken Baby." This made us giggle uncontrollably and DMM (sister) started calling me a Chicken Baby. This carried over to the internet age, when my very first screen name (and every one since then, has been Chixbaby27. The "27" was added because it was my favorite number. My sister has shortened it to "Chicken" for every day use, and once her oldest child was old enough to put a name with a face, I became his "Nanty Chicken" (Nanty being Aunt, of course.) Very little makes me happier than seeing the smile on his face when he sees me and squeals "CHICKEN!!!"

Of course I also answer to other names...Mom, Mommy, Juli, Baby, Hun, Juli-Woo (thank you Granny, LOL!)...and I'm sure there are plenty of others, some of which I would probably prefer not to list here.

So there is the background of the title of the blog. I have another blog that I write about my weight loss issues (, and this is where I am going to write about general life things. There will be stuff about my new house, moving in general, adventures with a 3 year old and her attempts to kill our pet fish...not to mention trials, celebrations, frustrations and everything in between as I go through my life with my sweet husband, two sons (2nd grade and 5th grade) and my fish-i-cidal 3 year old daughter.

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