Monday, July 30, 2012

I need a Pintervention!

Do you use Pinterest?  If not, why the heck not?  I admit I looked at it several times before I decided to join.  All I saw was a jumble of pictures that made no sense to me and appeared rather complicated.  After hearing so much about it, though, I figured there must be something to it, so I went to the site and requested a membership.  It took a few days to get the email giving me an account, but when I got it, I spent 5 minutes checking it out and OMG I was totally hooked!  Seriously, where else can you find ideas for making your own fabric softener, organizing a craft room, making a chocolate souffle and pages and pages of things to do with paint chips from the hardware store?! 

Here's a section of my craft room, organization ideas from Pinterest (love the magazine holders made from old packing boxes and wrapping paper!):

I'll admit it, coming to Pinterest was like coming home.  All of the jumbles of ideas that run through my head at any given minute are all there, in one place, and it's heaven.  It's amazing to look at pictures on a website about crafts and get up from the computer feeling crafty as if I've accomplished something!  Even my family, who laughed at me at first, decide maybe, just maybe it wasn't too bad once I made them a few recipes that I found there.

I've tried several crafts, recipes and DIY's from Pinterest, and when I find some that are worth sharing, I'll share them here!

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